We are here to Enable Parents!

Teach Your Toddler will enable parents to teach their children a multitude of things: how to read, write and do math in a fun way, how to think and problem solve.

Start at birth

Teaching a child begins at birth. Parents take special care of the baby’s physical needs from the moment of birth. Those are very important, but so are the learning needs. Babies begin their learning route from birth, not waiting to be taught. They begin making sounds and movements from their first breath, because they learn that they will get a response. Babies are psychological geniuses; they learn to decipher the mood of their parents at a very early stage, and act accordingly. If their brains can do all these intricate things, why is it that it takes us so long to understand that teaching a baby to learn about the world that surrounds them begins at birth. This includes music, art, literature, science, math and a multitude of other subjects. This is the premise for the private classes in which I teach mothers how to teach their babies and toddlers.

Gloria & Jason Sherman on the front cover of “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”

Children love to learn

All children love to learn. They can learn absolutely anything that can be taught in an honest and factual way when they are taught in a joyous way. The younger a child is, the easier it is for the child to learn. Parents are the very best teachers for their own children. The parent and child together are the most dynamic teaching and learning team.